Villa Candia is an eco-friendly hotel where the environment is boss

Care of the environment is one of the hotel’s main concerns! This is why we are affiliated with Eco-world Hotel and why every day we follow all the little rules that help keep the nature that surrounds us safe and healthy.

Here are some examples of what we mean:

  • Breakfast in the morning includes fruit, vegetables and eggs bought from local producers near the Hotel Villa Candia, while the bread you find on the buffet is made on our premises. It’s one way of ensuring that everything is fresh, healthy and tasty, and this not only keeps costs in check, it saves energy and packaging materials too.
  • There are recycling bins on each floor of the hotel. When you use them you help us process the waste products and make sure items made of paper and plastic are properly recycled. This saves our trees and keeps our seas clean.
  • Some of the energy used by the hotel is generated by solar panels we installed to have a source of renewable energy and contribute to safeguarding the environment.
  • The light bulbs in the lobby, breakfast room and guests rooms are all LED bulbs to prevent the useless waste of energy.

We can never take too much care of the environment. We have other plans in place to make sure that our eco-friendly management policies will continue to improve over time. That way your relaxing vacation is also one in a place where the environment is cared for.

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